10 reasons to Franchise with CREDO

  1. You learn from our mistakes: Avoiding the unnecessary trial and error period in starting and operating a new business.

  2. Low Investment: Lower financial risk, compared to other ventures, because investment costs are lower and profit margins are higher.

  3. Ready to go under a month: Business Format Franchising complete packages ensure a ready to go “turn-key” franchised unit.

  4. Small but big: Managing a small business whilst depending on the power of the franchisor company which has a bigger organization.

  5. Following a successful track record: The franchisee has an opportunity to run a proven business concept with a successful operational track record.

  6. Better focus on business development: The opportunity to learn the latest developments and changes in the local and global education market from the franchisor and focus entirely on developing the sales revenues.

  7. Better Marketing Results: The benefit of operating under a recognized trade name, which can have better marketing results.

  8. Accesses to proven business practices: The franchisee has access to accumulated business experience and technical know-how in managing the business.

  9. Credibility in the Market: A unified marketing program which leverages the business reputation and credibility in the market.

  10. Training and Hand Holding: Complete operational training will get you started quickly and trouble shooting on a ongoing basis will help you grow fast!


CREDO Careers Pvt. Ltd operating under the brand name CREDO Visas and MEDUCATION ABROAD referred only as CREEDO was established to promote overseas education. CREDO is headquartered in Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad with our flagship office in Dilsukhnagar. We are in the process of setting up offices in Begumpet, Bowenpally and Madhipatnam with plans being finalized for Vijayawada

As a conscience Overseas Educational Consultancy, our Students are at the heart of our activity. And it is their right to know what they are getting into. For this we remain completely transparent. We want to make sure that they are going to the right International Academic Institution based on their Education, capabilities and skill sets. If they lack in English Proficiency we want to help them attain the levels demanded by the international Institutions. Our commitment to our students is to get them not only to the right academic institution but also to make sure that they have a comfortable flight, have a place to stay and they have some knowledge of the City and County they are going to and also train them in many soft skills.

The people behind CREDO are either Senior Academician or highly successful Business Development experts with experience not only in the national markets but also in the international arena.

We work with the top of the line Educational Institutions across the world with course programs as diverse as Business Administration, Information Technology, Medical education both MBBS and MD, Hospitality Hotel and Tourism Management to name a few. Following are some of the countries we work with:

  1. United States of America

  2. Canada

  3. United Kingdom

  4. Australia

  5. New Zealand

  6. Italy

  7. Germany

  8. China

  9. Singapore

  10. Malaysia

  11. Philippines

  12. Russia

  13. Ukraine

We are presently looking at expanding in different national and international markets and are seeking well-educated and hard working people who share our philosophy. Our philosophy is very simple! It is always the students who are at the heart of anything we do, be at the national levels or international.

We are offering a well-defined Franchise model, which is simple to manage, lucrative financially, and professionally satisfying.

How do you operate CREDO Franchise?

CREDO Franchises will be able to operate the business with relative ease.

  1. Set up the office as instructed

    1. Undergo a complete training and orientation program

  2. Start marketing programs

    1. Advertising

    2. Seminars

    3. Networking

  3. Student counseling

    1. Work with students to complete their paper work for visa.

    2. Send it to us for processing at the visa office


What does CREDO Offer?

  1. CREDO will provide as part of the Franchise Agreement:

    1. All products and services. Some products may not be suitable for some markets or may not be available for some markets,

    2. Complete marketing strategy

    3. Participation in Seminars arranged by the franchise whenever possible. The expenses for travel, food and accommodation will be borne by the franchisee

    4. Seminar and presentation material, both printed and visual in the form of CD’s and PowerPoint presentations.

    5. Direct traffic from Corporate office to regional offices through their online application form after filtering and qualifying

    6. Each Franchise will receive a CREDO email account.

    7. In the contact section of the website, each office will be listed along with email ID, street address and the telephone numbers.

    8. Provide complete administrative back up and support

  2. Corporate Marketing and Branding effort:

    1. E-marketing

      1. Email Campaigns

      2. SMS Campaigns

      3. E-Newsletters

      4. Social Media promotions

    2. Shared advertising in Print Media and other mediums

    3. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

    4. Trade show participation where possible

Although CREDO expects its Franchises to follow marketing strategies laid out, we expect them to think “outside the box” and be enterprising by creating additional opportunities to generate additional business.

What are Franchisee Responsibilities?


  1. The Franchise will set up the office location and furnish and staff it as advised by CREDO Corporate office. This will require:

    1. One laptop for the Franchise and two desktop computers

    2. Good quality laser printer/scanner/copier

    3. LCD Projector and screen

    4. Office furniture

  2. The Franchise will staff the office as follows:

    1. One Consular to work with prospective students interested in studying abroad

    2. One administrative assistant

    3. The Franchise will manage the operations hands on and will participate in all aspects of the operations

  3. Marketing and Business Development

    1. Will work with the CREDO Corporate office in advertising campaigns. Local advertising costs will be the responsibility of the Franchise