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The services we offer are completely student oriented. We are known to provide professional guidance with a familiar touch, where students feel comfortable and are forthcoming in interacting with us. Our aim is to guide students in the best way possible and provide them with a solution that meets their objectives. Our USP is that we guide students according to their profile. We provide alternatives and give the student the power to decide the best. These alternatives are not random but are backed with thorough knowledge, data and experience.

Following are some of the services that we offer

University Selection

Selection of universities is based on the student’s profile, meaning – academic performance, work experience, teaching or research experience and test scores. This apart, we also keep the student’s preferences in mind and work on the best choices. This selection is based on data, knowledge and experience gathered over the years. We help in eliminating confusion and therefore save time for the students.


»Online and paper based applications

»Additional forms if necessary

»Score reporting

»Despatching the documents to the universities

SOP & Resume

We assist our students in writing the statement of purpose and resume. We believe that this is one of the most important documents in the application process. We understand what the universities are looking for and guide students accordingly.

Assisting in tracking application status in individual universities

Appropriate time to start application process

The best time to start the application filling up process is, at least two to three months before the Ist deadline of the universities. There are two ways for you to obtain the application forms (physical copies).

Getting application forms

You can either download the application form from the universities’ web sites or get the same by writing to them early, clearly indicting the semester you are seeking admission to. Most of the universities are requesting students to either download the applications or apply electronically.

Filling up application form

Application Process

While filling up the application form, keep the following in mind:- 

1. Photocopies

Make photocopies of the applications and use for initial filling up (if you have physical copies of the application form).

2. Writing your name

Normally, Indian students get confused about the “Name” part. What we call as “Surname” is called as “Family name” or “Last name” in other countries. Also,” the Middle Name” is confusing. That is a part of your name that was given along with your First name or the commonly called name. 

For example: If one’s name is Adivi Srikanth Reddy, Adivi is the Last Name, Srikanth is the First Name and Reddy is the Middle Name.

3. US Academic naming system

The four-year undergraduate study in US is called with a name, year wise. The first year is the “freshman’, IInd is the ‘sophomore’, IIIrd is the ‘Junior’ and IVth is the ‘Senior’ year. While indicating percentages/grades or GPA, you need to be careful about what year information you are providing. Hence, it is essential to know which year is called with what name. 

Documents to be submitted to the university/college you wish to apply to:-

1. Completed Application

2. Transcripts

Your transcripts from 10th class onwards (duly attested by the respective Head of the Institution) 

10th and Inter (12th) transcripts need not be in sealed envelopes. Whereas, your degree marks and provisional must be in sealed envelope, with seal and signature on the flap of the envelope too.

3. Statement of Purpose (SOP) – Ideally must be a one-page statement of your purpose in personal and academic life. SOP must contain information on your education objectives, career goals, reasons for study in the US and reasons for choosing a particular program in a particular institute.

4. Recommendation Letters 

At least two-three recommendation letters from three lecturers/professors, who taught you at the degree level preferably from those who taught you the main subjects. These recommendations must be done on personal or college letterheads and must be signed and sealed (including the envelope).

Formats cannot be generalized for all the students and need to be personalized as per individual requirements. We will mail a customized format for you as and when you may need one.

5.  Application fee 

Different academic institutions have different application fees. Credo has managed to get waiver from some colleges and universities. Application fees is payable as per the instructions of the academic institution and we will guide you with the process.

Selection of University

One of the vital steps that involve your future prospects is selection of a university. There are numerous universities across the globe, which offer admissions to students, but one needs to carefully inspect various aspects before finally deciding to apply. The academic institution is the place where are going to invest your money, valuable time and energy to gain knowledge. Further, the more reputed the academic institution the more would be student facilities.

Few of the aspects students need to review before applying:

Cost of study at the University

Availability of financial assistance

Availability of interested field of specialization

Current employment chances

The prospects of further education

What sort of accreditation does the university have

Flexibility of transferring to other courses or programs within and outside the university Student to staff ratio

Faculty and infrastructure

The geography of the university

Student’s knowledge and discretion play an essential role in choosing a university. In fact, if you look at the university websites almost all Universities have an attractive appearance. But in truth, they are a lot different. Some Universities have huge campuses spread across acres of land and some are too small to be actually called a University. But still, both Universities present an equal appeal on the web. And an unsuspecting student can easily be misled into joining a less reputed institute. 

This is where our professional guidance comes to rescue. Our years of experience in the field taught us how to cull out relevant information from various sources and present you with the best possible options. We evaluate, test, reconfirm, so you don’t make a wrong move. A step in the wrong direction can be irreversibly expensive in this current fast-paced lifestyle.

At Credo Visas we go through the pain so you don’t have to. We empower you with all relevant knowledge. Whether it’s about Universities, Academic Programs, Financial Aids, and Process…you could trust us to provide nothing but the best. Our Student advisors, managerial staff, research team and the top management are ever at call to help you touch new horizons in life.

Visa Preparation & Documentation 

Documentation for securing Admission

A good application is the first step towards securing admission. Unless one has prior experience, it’s quite difficult to submit a perfect application with all relevant documents evaluated and attached. An application with missing documents may be delayed or discarded or misinterpreted by the college authorities. Thus it becomes vital to foresee thoroughly all application details before finally sending the application across. Most students are unaware of the application procedures and documentation required, that’s why we have experienced counselors to assist at every step of the application procedure and documentation.

Documentation for VISA Counseling

The moment a student receives an I-20 ( Admission Letter) from a particular Collage/University, our counselors will guide him through the visa procedures involved. Our expertise doesn’t merely end but begins there, we help the student get in touch with the concerned Embassy and guide him in preparing necessary documents for obtaining a visa. In other words,

Writing can be an art form. It’s very much like writing a poem, if you are a writer. You’ll have to create characters, create plot outlines, add phrases and words, or come up with themes that are persuasive. You’ll have to think of key words to describe your thoughts write for me. And, you’ll need to find out how to make your points.

we work very closely with the student giving him every necessary input so that he comes out in flying colors.

Visa Interview

Credo Visa counsels the students for their visa interview (when needed) by giving tips on the interview sessions. We regularly collect latest details about the immigration, visa procedure of various countries. So you can be assured of a prompt and updated service, every time.

Pre Departure Counseling

Credo with over 12 years of experience working with young people like you sending them abroad, has very doo understanding of what you need to know before you go to your destination country. We will do a complete and comprehensive briefing before you leave.

Airport pick up

Credo will arrange for you to be picked up from the airport and taken to your destination.


In most countries Credo is able to arrange a temporary accommodation for our students, so that they are not worried about “where so I stay when I go to a new country”!!

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