Why study in New Zealand:

In NewZealand, there are 8 state-funded and 600 private universities they offer undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programs, the certificate from NewZealand is recognized worldwide why because Newzealand trained the teachers very well.

New Zealand education has both practical and academic studies, NewZealand people are very friendly with other country fellows, NewZealand people love traveling and meet new people every day.

In new Zealand scholarship facility also available for students and here students are allowed to work parttime up to 20hours per week on the student visa, seven out of eight universities are in the top 500 universities worldwide.

The crime rate in NewZealand is low, so it is a safe country to study.


In NewZealand, there are 3 major languages
3.NZ sign language


NewZealand offers mainly two intakes

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